Pipes & Fittings

Plot # 84-B, Road No. R-3, KP Economic Zone, Gadoon Industrial Estate, Distt. Swabi, KPK.

Phone No: +92 938 270 388/588

Pipes & Fittings

Plot # 84-B, Road No. R-3, KP Economic Zone, Gadoon Industrial Estate, Distt. Swabi, KPK.

Phone No: +92 938 270 388/588


PPRC Pipes & fittings

For Hot & Cold Water Application, 100% Food Grade Material


uPVC Pressure Pipes &


For Bore Holes and Water Supply Schemes

Watertech uPVC

Non Pressure/Sewerage

Pipes & Fittings

For sanitation, sewerage, drain installation and electrical conduits

Watertech PVC Garden &

Domestic Gas Pipes

Gardening, agriculture, lawns, hoses and construction industry domestic gas transmission


HDPE/PE Pipes & Fittings

HDPE Pipes for drip irrigation systems and sprinkler systems  PE for Gas Supply

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the industry leaders in providing high-quality, advanced, safe and environmentally responsible plastic pipes/fittings products and services to our valued customers…

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our valued customers by providing high-quality plastic pipes/fittings products and services with efficiency and cost-effectiveness using innovative…

Product Profile

Watertech Pipes and Fittings’ basic aim is to provide all plastic pipes and fittings solutions to its customers across the Country and KPK Province under one umbrella…

Our Products

PPRC Pipes and Fittings

Watertech PPRC pipes are an absolute and perfect solution for supply of hot and cold water and other liquids. PPRC is used in applications of pressured hot and cold water delivery as well as under floor heating in all modern residential apartment…


Watertech Pipes & Fittings Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of uPVC, PVC Garden Hoses, PPRC and HDPE Pipes and Fittings in KPK Pakistan. We are acknowledged as a quality producer and a market leader by all our valued customers…


Watertech Pipes and Fittings Pvt Limited is on of the key manufactures of uPVC Pressure and Non-Pressure Sewerage/Electrical Conduit Pipes in KPK. Watertech U-PVC (Un-Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) Pipes…

About Watertech pipes & Fittings

Watertech Pipes & Fittings Pvt Ltd, located in Gadoon Economic Zone Swabi, KPK Province is a large scale enterprise manufacturing uPVC Pressure Pipes, Non-Pressure Sewerage and Electrical Conduit Pipes, PVC Garden and Gas Pipes, PPRC Pipes & Fittings and HDPE/PE Pipes. All Watertech Products are made with the latest and advanced Italian, German and Chinese Plants. Watertech Pipes & Fittings Pvt Ltd is the only producer in KPK Province which provide full solutions to its valuable customers in plastic pipes and fittings sector under one umbrella. The Company has a group of highly qualified professionals and technical personnel with the ability to design, develop and innovate products.

Our Core Values

Standard Adherence

WTPF do not compromise on their quality standards at all, we strickly adhere to domestic as well as international quality standards.


Professionalism by the team is highly motivated in WTPF with an emphasis on creativity and innovation for solutions.

Customers Friendly

WTPF ensures to keep customer friendly and trustworthy business relationships with all its clients.


WTPF adheres to all the health, safety and quality standards as the environment is an integral part of the organization.


WTPF follows all the ethical policies in its dealings remaining in the jurisdiction of the applicable rules and regulations. 


WTPF promotes equal treatment of all its stakeholders.

management Message 

I feel privileged to lead Watertech Pipes & Fittings Pvt Ltd, a group that has a reputation for delivering world-class plastic pipes & fittings products and services to its customers throughout the Pakistan market. We are committed to help our clients, optimize costs, promote quality and increase efficiency. Though a new player in Pakistan’s PVC market, with endless efforts of research & development and customer-centered management, Watertech Pipes & Fittings Pvt Ltd has been recognized as a company that produces the finest quality of plastic pipes and fittings in Pakistan. Within a short span of few years, we have consistently expanded our fields from the PVC Rigid and Garden pipes to PPRC pipes & fittings and HDPE/PE Pipes. Furthermore, we have been growing as one of the leading plastic pipes companies in Pakistan and we are trying hard to enhance further by introducing the latest technology, bringing about innovation and building up our capabilities in line with rapid changing environment of 21st Century. In order to participate in the development of our country and achieve the goal of prosperity, you are well come to join us as a team member or business partner!

~Ajoon Khan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

We at Watertech Pipes & Fittings Pvt Ltd, have earned the trust and respect of our valued customers for one simple reason, we have advanced technology, expertise of professional staff in their respective fields and use of the finest quality raw materials that bring a strong service to every Watertech customer. Our staff takes pride and ownership in the jobs they do. We bring technology, passion, pride and experience together. We have only one objective; to ensure our client’s mission objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance at the lowest possible cost. Instead of vendors’ relationship, our priority is building up true partnerships. A partner is willing to tell you the bad things as well as the good – and proactively help you find ways to overcome tough challenges. A partner is always looking to the future, creating recommendations that will help you strategically position for success over time. With the adaptability of advanced technology, of course, our main focus is on people and choosing “right people for the right job” is the most important component of our success strategy. We at Watertech Pipes & Fittings Pvt Ltd, always look for exploring new ways of doing business, adopt innovative opportunities to excel and provide alternative, constructive views to continually improve our systems and productivity. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your business success. We assure we will continue to earn your trust for years and decades to come.

~Asim Ali, Director Operations